February 22, 2023

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation features part one of our conversation with Gil Chavez, a seasoned specialist in global marketing and communication.
With a career spanning over three decades, Gil has honed his expertise in marketing, particularly in the Asian region. Alongside his vast experience, he is also a top-rated professor, having taught over 100 courses in his 24-year teaching career.
In this episode of the podcast, we dive deep into the corporate communications differences between Japan and the US, starting off with the financial services sector. We then discuss social media marketing in Japan, including the rise of TikTok in promoting major brands and how the principles of success in the space have evolved over time. We also discuss how broader corporate communications differ between Japanese and North American audiences, as well as CEO advice for B2B versus B2C communication. Additionally, we touch on international brands that have found success in social media marketing in Japan and the different approaches for media training that Gil uses in Japan versus the West. Gil also highlights some of the skills that have contributed to his success in his work, and best practices for succeeding in the Japan region.

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●      Gil’s experience with IBM’s Asia Pacific team
●      Corporate communications in Japan
●      CEO media training in Japan
●      Stories about Toyota’s first significant losses back in the ‘90s and Akio Toyoda’s takeover
●      The financial services sector in Japan and the US and the differences in corporate communications in that space
●      Social media marketing in Japan and the principles for success
●      How TikTok has taken Twitter’s position as the leading platform in Japan for promoting major brands
●      The role celebrities and influencers play in social media marketing 
●      Why Japan is all about quality