Empowering Female Consumers in China Through Brand-Activist Collaboration
Launching on Douyin to Access China’s Growing Gen-Z Consumer Class
Bringing an American Premium DTC Cosmetic Brand to Tmall
Expanding to China via D2C Channels
Developing a Responsive Live-auction Site
Developing a Recipe for Success in China
Bringing Sustainable Tech Accessories to Digital Consumers in China
Adapting Brand's Image to Chinese Consumers Through Product Photography
Winning China Through E-Commerce
Refreshing an E-commerce Store on Tmall to Grow Brand
Developing a Native E-Commerce Site with 1M+ SKUs in China
Building a Stronghold in the Chinese Marketplace
Expanding to China Through JD.com
Guiding the Journey to the Japanese Market Through Rakuten
Delivering Reusable Water Bottles Direct-to-Consumers in China

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