We achieved SEO dominance in high-traffic keywords for a leading provider of technologically advanced acute care solutions.

Radiometer case study

The client

Radiometer is a Danish company that develops products and solutions that provide healthcare professionals with the critical information they need in acute care diagnostics.

The challenge

In China, low-hanging fruit is ripe for the picking. A professional onsite and offsite SEO campaign ensures control of high-traffic keywords.

Radiometer sought to quickly gain dominance in high-traffic keywords before its competitors joined the fray.

Our solutions

WPIC Marketing + Technologies optimized the Radiometer website, with a 700% improvement in page load times, benefitting the unique brand experience and ultimately conversions. A website with form fills effectively captures lead data for conversions. By partnering with Chinalytics, WPIC can offer best-in-class web analytics data for further optimizations. Such data includes how visitors arrived, the pages they visited on your site, and their IP address, useful in preventing click fraud and for further marketing efforts.

WPIC’s cost-effective SEO campaigns ramped up organic traffic and executed a long-term strategy to help Radiometer stand above the rest.


WPIC achieved a #1 position for 57 Radiometer keywords, top five for 77 keywords and first page for another 75.

As a result, the Radiometer China website saw massive increases in organic traffic. With ongoing efforts, WPIC made the won keywords highly competitive, deterring competition from attempting to steal the top ranks.

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