We helped the global leading source of colour expertise increase in-market revenue by 2,200% within six months.

Pantone case study 3

The client

Pantone is an American company that provides a global colour language that enables brands and manufacturers to make colour-critical choices at every process level.

The challenge

Pantone approached WPIC and tasked the team with building an e-commerce presence in China for a globally-recognized brand, not only to raise awareness inside the market but also to ensure that conversions and substantial revenue followed.

Our solutions

WPIC integrated a full list of SKUs and photos into Tmall, China’s most popular B2C e-commerce platform. Chat functionality was integrated into the store to seamlessly connect consumers with product specialists and customer service professionals.

Furthermore, WPIC developed and integrated a product and colour finder into the store, and in the process, those programs became only the seventh JavaScript exception in Tmall history. By leveraging its long-standing relationship with Tmall to accept custom tech integrations, WPIC helped Pantone’s e-commerce store stand out against the noise and leaned on that tech integration to drive a fantastic user experience for the customers and revenue for the brand.


After only three months, initial optimizations were launched and the Pantone e-commerce store 2.0 was unveiled with new offerings, optimized design and dynamic marketing strategies.

Through effective SEO, the Pantone store achieved number 1 rankings for highly competitive keywords, driving high-volume traffic and conversions. A Baidu PPC account was created (then rare for driving traffic to Tmall), pulling in more traffic through ongoing optimizations.

WPIC also dominated relevant traffic sources (BBS, Forums, Portals) with Pantone advertising, identifying “low-hanging fruit” and low-cost, targeted and high-traffic media buys. Finally, WPIC achieved 100% coverage of available banner ad placement inside the Taobao system. This aggressive, leveraged and highly targeted e-commerce build and marketing push led to an over 2,600% increase in traffic within six months.

The end result? WPIC built out Pantone‘s entire e-commerce presence on the Tmall platform ( and increased in-market revenue by 2,200% within six months.

"WPIC knows the China market and how to be successful there better than anyone. They are one of the best digital agencies I’ve ever worked with globally… super smart, agile, responsive and results-driven. WPIC has been a very important driver of our growth. We went from $200K in revenue in 2014 to $1M in 2015."
— Vice President of Global Marketing, Pantone

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