We reduced China’s website loading time by 500% for the largest chemical producer in the world.

The client

BASF is a European multinational company and the largest chemical producer in the world.

The challenge

Chinese websites hosted within the firewall need to offer top load times with minimal data loss as well as legal and technical infrastructure to support e-commerce.

BASF’s goal was to aggressively capture market share in China, but they required a reliable and tested vertical for cross-border transactions.

Our solutions

WPIC supported BASF’s lightweight digital campaign by providing server and structural support to their marketing rollout. WPIC established required documentation, bank accounts, business licenses and tax processes, that ensured timely and seamless transactions.

BASF’s digital assets, including landing pages and video campaigns, were hosted in China to ensure quick buffering and appropriate bandwidth. Integrating the video to work seamlessly with existing digital platforms and analytical software allowed for the capture of robust and reliable consumer data.

WPIC performed in-depth testing, measurement, and optimization recommendations of all aspects of the landing pages. This included image optimization, CSS, JavaScript, HTML optimization, character set, keep-alive, browser caching, JavaScript parsing and more.

Once live, BASF digital assets underwent speed, UX, conversions and stress tests to ensure a seamless consumer journey.


WPIC’s campaign led to a 500% reduction in load times and a spike in unique visits to their online recruitment program within a 25-day timeline.

Additionally, WPIC sped up the legal process for ICP applications and registration and YouKu Pro account acquisition, reducing the timeline for the marketing rollout by 30%.

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