We helped an industry-leading outdoor apparel brand protect against trademark and counterfeit infringements.

Arc'teryx case study

The client

Arc’teryx is a Canadian high-end outdoor clothing and equipment brand that is best known for their waterproof Gore-Tex shell jackets. 

The challenge

In China, trademark infringement and counterfeit products are commonplace. Protecting your trademark in China is essential.

Brands are often in competition with low-quality knock-offs and illicit saturation of the digital marketplace. Arc’teryx approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies to help collect information on the extent to which trademark and counterfeit infringements were harming its unique brand experience inside the market.

Our solutions

WPIC deployed its distributed script technology, which delivers a comprehensive list of violations, including unauthorized resellers, copyright infringements, counterfeit goods, and sensitive internal documents. Downloading and indexing the China digital space uncovered hundreds of illicit products and stores. A whitelist and blacklist were then developed and the blacklist was aggressively pursued, leveraging WPIC’s relationship with platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and Baidu.


Violators change their website or webshop name and rebuild their illegal businesses. However, with continued programmatic monitoring and legal support, violators give up and move on to other brands with less protection. That gave the Arc’teryx brand a distinct advantage inside one of the world’s most important e-commerce markets.

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