WPIC CEO Jacob Cooke appeared as a guest on the March 10, 2020 edition of the China Power Podcast. Read the episode description below and listen to the interview, via Soundcloud, here.


This episode explores the evolution of the e-commerce market in China, the challenges it presents, and its impact on the Chinese economy. Our guest, Mr. Jacob Cooke, examines fundamental differences between the e-commerce markets in China and the United States, and discusses the shifting consumer landscape toward digital trends. He also analyzes the outlook for e-commerce in China, including the potential impact of outside events like the COVID-19 epidemic and the US-China phase one trade deal.

Jacob Cooke is co-founder and CEO of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, a digital marketing and consulting firm based in Beijing. Mr. Cooke started WPIC in 2004 as an alternative for the many Western organizations frustrated by China’s obstacles to brick and mortar sales. He graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and participated in MIT Sloan School of Management’s executive education program focusing on artificial intelligence.