Q&A with Charles Lavoie, Director of WPIC Creative Labs

Published on: September 29, 2021

Charles Lavoie is Director of WPIC Creative Labs – and a veteran of the creative agency space in China. He’s spent 10 years living in Beijing and previously led brand strategy for PBB Creative, working on campaigns for Acura, Bauer, Daimler, DiDi, Nestle, Paulaner and the World Bank.

At WPIC, Charles leads on brand and marketing strategy to help Western organizations establish and grow their online presence in China.

Charles has a unique understanding of China’s consumers and online market, so we put three questions to him to share his knowledge.

(1/3) What trends are impacting China's e-commerce market?

(2/3) What is the biggest challenge facing foreign brands in China?

(3/3) What advice would you give to brands considering a market entry?

Let's take the first step.

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