Blog: China E-commerce 101 – An Introduction

Alibaba's Tmall portal
Alibaba’s Tmall is the most popular e-commerce marketplace in China.


If a brand wanted to unlock new markets in APAC, and the PRC, in particular, where would they get started?

To kick off 2020, and to introduce individuals and businesses to the Chinese e-commerce landscape, WPIC Academy has built a China E-commerce 101 page on the WPIC website. 

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WPIC Academy’s China E-commerce 101 page is the “go-to” resource for all questions around the PRC’s digital and e-commerce ecosystem, and will continue to be regularly updated by WPIC staff with new, engaging and educational multimedia content.

Not sure of the main differences between China’s internet and the West’s? Interested in learning who the major organizations are that brands can work with? Need to know what software programs do not work in the PRC as a result of the Great Firewall? Perhaps you’ve heard of phrases like “Tmall Partner” and “11/11 Singles’ Day” but aren’t sure what they mean?

Fortunately, WPIC Academy’s China E-commerce 101 page has been built for you. 

Visit the page now to begin your China e-commerce education.