Access-reliable-analytics-in-ChinaAlternative to Google Analytics in China

With a growing number of mobile-first consumers in Mainland China, setting up the right e-commerce platform can increase market opportunity and contribute greatly to ROI. That said, it is important to ensure that that platform is optimized for its specific visitors, in order to turn those visitors into customers.

In a complex market such as China, with more than 1 billion individuals online, it is important to see what visitors are doing on a brand’s website: how do users interact with online channels and what needs to be improved in order to increase conversions?

So, how can a brand optimize its Chinese website to drive even more growth?

Relevant, and perhaps more importantly inside the Great Firewall, accurate web analytics allow companies to understand their web users’ behaviour in great detail. China’s leading web analytics platform, Chinalytics® is the only reliable way to measure and track online activities in China.

Why are website analytics so important?

Useful analytics across any industry requires thorough analysis and an ongoing commitment to achieving optimized results. Reports are expected to be analyzed on a weekly/ biweekly/ monthly basis. The data can provide a deep understanding of visitors to a website. Understanding the behaviour of visitors is essential in putting together a powerful online strategy. Moreover, it allows companies to optimize their website and set up future goals. This could not be more true than in China.

Data-driven organizations already know that web analytics are more than just setting up a script on a website and downloading reports. They understand that the most important is the accuracy of any data, in order to ensure that analytics are providing the right insights. This, however, presents a unique problem in China’s web landscape.

Many of the world’s leading analytics platforms (for example, Google Analytics) are not hosted inside China behind the firewall. As such, the data collected (if any) is subject to hyper-manipulation as it connects through the firewall. Fundamentally, because GA is not hosted inside the Great Firewall, its’ users in China cannot trust the accuracy of the data that it provides inside the market.

Additionally, it is critical to understand how an analytics platform can alter the UX of a website. As with accuracy of data, globally-hosted analytics platforms have a habit of slowing page load times, and even causing website timeouts — a massive problem for brands who are trying to convert website users into paying customers.

Simply put, data-focused organizations need an alternative to Google Analytics in China.

The leading Chinese web analytics platform.

Chinalytics (the leading alternative to Google Analytics in China) is a China-hosted, user-friendly, comprehensive web analytics platform with account-services teams based around the world.

With several years in the market, Chinalytics has risen to become the market leader in providing enterprise-level, and introductory-level analytics. As a pioneer in the industry, the tool offers unparalleled insights in the Chinese analytics space, boasting accurate and relevant data not available anywhere else, making it essential to any company’s market growth or market entry strategy.

Why use Chinalytics?

  1. Chinalytics is hosted inside of China – this means that data does not pass through the firewall (guaranteeing accuracy), and does not slow down web loading speeds
  2. The software is easy to use with a personalized interface that offers dozens of languages.
  3. Chinalytics gives companies the opportunity to understand everything about their web visitors, including location, browser and device information, in-depth attribution, individual user journey, IP tracking, and more.
  4. WeChat integration!
  5. Website performance reports are easily exported and can be leveraged to optimize a website.
  6. The data brings substantial information about a website’s visitor demographics and behaviour (actions and engagement on the site, as well as where they went after the website).
  7. Enhanced device compatibility, extreme acceleration, and powerful real-time tracking features allow users to get accurate and up-to-date information.
  8. Outstanding customer service is available to support data interpretation and integration needs.
  9. And more.

Regularly monitoring website analytics through the market leader, Chinalytics, allows companies to review online activity, visualize demands, leverage trends, and ensure that their China business is moving in the right direction.