Across B2B and B2C, in Greater China, Japan, and SE Asia, trust WPIC to provide your organization with value and insights — from high level planning and strategy, to tactics and execution — so that you can move forward effectively and efficiently.

From nutraceuticals and supplements to high-powered electron microscopes, ensure your business is ready for the healthcare revolution taking place across APAC.

Selected clients

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Selected Case Studies

Leading Edge Health

Leading Edge Health (LEH) is a Canadian nutritional supplement company that sources, tests and forumulates high-quality nutraceutical products around anti-aging, skincare, men’s and women’s supplements, and more. more


In China, low-hanging fruit is ripe for the picking. A professional onsite and offsite SEO campaign ensures control of high-traffic keywords before others join the fray. more

Beckman Coulter

1,357,000,000 people in China: SEO continues to play a dominant role in driving massive amounts of traffic. The most popular search engine in China, Baidu, is the first place to market for your business. WPIC was pulled in to run rescue SEO and Web Kaizens for six of Danaher’s Opcos, including Beckman Coulter. WPIC reviewed goals of Beckman Coulter and the structure of the China digital space to various top-level Danaher teams. more

Besins Healthcare

Strategic decision-making within a vast and evolving market requires robust and accurate data, analyzed and delivered on a timely basis. These are fundamental to successfully pursuing chinese markets. more