Your business is critical to driving innovation across the world- in consumer electronics, biotech, green technology, industrial tools, transportation, and so much more.

From the thousands component suppliers in your supply chain, to the millions of end users of your products, and every node in between, ensure each element of your APAC business is running digitally, seamlessly.

Selected clients

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Selected Case Studies


The organization was particularly interested in enhancing their global B2B e-commerce strategy and expanding their web presence in China to serve small and medium sized businesses inside the market. more


Crucial’s goal was to dominate the China market with an easy to navigate, quick loading site with a custom built Memory Selector. more


Arrow Verical was pursuing an aggressive ‘land and expand’ China strategy and required a wide range of diverse Enterprise services from one centralized, in China source. more

Protected: TE connectivity

TE Connectivity Corporation engaged WPIC to identify key market intelligence and competitive insights inside the China market. They tasked WPIC with designing and optimizing top “path to purchase” pages for all three of the website’s breakpoints. more